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Last updated: Monday September 20th, 2010.


Welcome to the new GEM web site.  This is the place for all PC GEM and GEM-related news and development.  Over the next few months we hope to include documentation on various aspects of GEM, from installing to recompiling, along with downloads of the latest versions and modifications.  You will also be able to find a brief history of GEM (including screenshots of various versions), along with links to other GEM-related sites.  Please note we will mainly be focussing on PC GEM (running on the Intel 80x86 architecture), although contributions related to Atari GEM are welcome..

A note about downloads

This site's host has asked me to note that anyone attempting to download a large amount of data from this site using multiple connections (for instance, with a mass site-grabbing program) will be banned (along with their entire class C IP subnet) from accessing any part of this site.  Please respect the rights of others to share this site's connection to the rest of the internet, otherwise we'll end up with no site at all.  Thank you.


We welcome comments and suggestions on the design and content of the site.    If you have something you'd like to say, e-mail the webmaster at

"Hey, where's the OpenDOS site gone?"

If you were looking to the OpenDOS site that used to be at this URL, it's moved to

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