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Chapter : Using OpenDOS

When I set the cache size for nwcache, it stops at 7Mb!

Edit autoexec.bat manually; the 7Mb limit is in the setup tool, not nwcache.

My games crash when EMM386 is installed!

EMM386 is known to be buggy. Hopefully, the source release will let us fix it! The HIMEM/EMM386 from MS-DOS will work. If DOOM2 locks up at IStartupTimer(), it's EMM386. Also, try "EMM386 PIC=Y" (or PIC=ON) at the dos prompt (it doesn't work in config.sys), although that didn't fix everyone's problems. Use "EMM386 /?" to see a list of options.

How do I get GRUB working?

See /01/20/20:09:04 or gi?a=opendos&p=1997/01/31/19:50:15 from DJ's mail archives.

I can't uninstall!

Make sure that delete protection is disabled before running uninstall, or you'll have lost clusters (run chkdsk to fix it). Also, you must DELPURGE before running chkdsk or scandisk.

With MSCDEX, I was using a switch /D:MSCDxxxx. Do I need to change that to NWCDxxxx?

No. The /D: switch is used to link MSCDEX or NWCDEX to the CD-ROM driver, so you can have more than 1 CD-ROM drive. As long as the name is the same as that given to the CD-ROM driver in CONFIG.SYS, everything will be fine.