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Development status

Development on GEM is divided up by component.  Currently available code is downloadable either from the developer's web site (URLs after names) or the download page.  If you're working on something and you want to be listed here, please e-mail the webmaster at

AES Development

  • John Elliott ( has ported the GEM AES to Pacific C, incorporated 3D controls from ViewMAX along with colour schemes, and is also working on adding support for an appl_getinfo() call (like the Atari GEM supports), extra version information (currently used by my Desktop) and a system of saving and retrieving application settings.  Currently available are the Pacific C AES and a modified RCS.APP to support 3D objects.

Desktop Development

  • Ben A L Jemmett is working on the Desktop.  Currently available is a version with multiple sizeable/movable windows, support for FreeGEM's GEM.CFG and SETTINGS.APP, the trashcan, a system of shortcuts to recently used folders, extra disk drive options and a user-customisable Send To menu.  The latest code is available from the download page.
  • Ken Mauro is working on reimplementing Desktop 1.2's features, including disk drives and a trashcan on the desktop.  Currently available is a version with multiple sizable/movable windows.

ViewMAX / Panther Development

FreeGEM/XM Development

  • Ben A L Jemmett, Heinz Rath and Eathan Clark have been working on the GEM/XM source code available.  Currently available from the Downloads page is Ben's distribution, with almost complete support for DOS applications (some versions of DOS have problems with it), and fully compilable GDOS and Desktop code.
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