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We hope eventually to be able to provide comprehensive documentation on GEM, but at the moment we don't have much complete to offer.  If you have any documents or information that may be useful to other GEM users or people just starting out with GEM, please e-mail the webmaster at

If you cannot find something here, check the developer's information section - your document may be a technical one included there.

Installation Documentation

General Documentation

GEM Mailing List

Two mailing lists pertaining to GEM and FreeGEM development have been established. 

The GEM Development mailing list discusses development of and for GEM/FreeGEM, although messages regarding any aspect of GEM (or pretty much anything else) are welcomed.  To subscribe to this mailing list, use the form below (it's on the left if your browser supports tables, and coloured light blue if your browser and configuration supports coloured tables), or send a message to containing the text 'subscribe gem-dev' or 'subscribe gem-dev-digest' (without the quotes).  You will receive a confirmation e-mail - once you reply to this, you will receive messages from the mailing list.

The GEM Announcement mailing list carries announcements of new software for GEM and FreeGEM.  To subscribe to this list, use the other form below, or send a message to

Posts from the two mailing lists can be viewed at either or

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