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This site has the software listed below available for download.  Some software may also be available from the authors' web pages - these can be found in the links or development status pages.   Please report any broken links to the webmaster at   More software can be found at the pages on the Links page.

The latest FreeGEM components can be downloaded using the links at

This software is available subject to the terms of the GNU General Public License unless other specified.

GEM World

Unfortunately, the CP/M archive which contained the GEM World site had to be taken down recently, which meant that some GEM files were unavailable.  Luckily, Gene Buckle had archived the site to another locations (see the Links page for more information).  I've given the indices a new lick of paint, as it were, and can now tell you to click here for the GEM World files.   Alternatively, the GEM World Developers' Page is here.

A note about downloads

This site's host has asked me to note that anyone attempting to download a large amount of data from this site using multiple connections (for instance, with a mass site-grabbing program) will be banned (along with their entire class C IP subnet) from accessing any part of this site.  Please respect the rights of others to share this site's connection to the rest of the internet, otherwise we'll end up with no site at all.  Thank you.


GEM/3 Binary Distribution

A more complete or newer version of the GEM/3 binary distribution may be available at GEM World (see the links page).

GEM/3 - Source and tools

AES (GEM.EXE) source
Build tools - set 1
Build tools - set 2 - note that set 2 is more complete than set 1.
Desktop source
Output source
Printer drivers
Resource Editor source
System Builder Kit (including GEMSETUP)
Screen drivers

Modified GEM/3 Binaries and Sources

Please note that this code is likely to be under development, and may be unstable or buggy.  While the authors have (I hope!) taken every care to ensure that their modifications will not do Bad Things to your system, you use this software at your own risk.  The authors bear no responsibility for any damage to you, your equipment or your data resulting from the use of this software.  However, this software has been tested and does work (at least on my system and on several others) so download it, have a look, and tell us what you think!   These programs will probably be forming the basis of any future GEM distributions - at the moment both John's AES and my Desktop code report themselves as being part of FreeGEM 3.00.

John Elliott's Pacific C AES
John Elliott's Pacific C AES Source
John Elliott's 3D-aware RCS.APP
Ken Mauro's Desktop
Ben A L Jemmett's Desktop (20000422)
Ben A L Jemmett's Desktop Source (20000422)
SDGEM5.VGA (VGA driver with GEM/5 colours)

ViewMAX 3 - from "Panther" (DR DOS 7)

WARNING - this code is beta code for a project Digital Research never completed and does not currently compile correctly.

AES (ViewMAX.OVL) source
Desktop (ViewMAX.APP) source
GDOS (ViewMAX.EXE) source
GDOS Make batchfile


The below archive contains FreeGEM/XM 3.0beta4, including all available source and a ready-to-run installation for VGA systems.  Please remember that this is beta code, and although tested on several machines it cannot be guaranteed to function correctly on all systems.  Any bug reports would be very welcome.

FreeGEM/XM 3.0beta4 complete distribution

This page is Šopyright Ben A L Jemmett 1999 - 2000.