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Development wishlist

This page lists features people want GEM to have or to have removed, and the goals of the developers.  If you have an item you'd like added to the wishlist, e-mail the webmaster at

GDOS / AES wishlist

(These two components are treated as one for the purpose of the list, as they form the basis of GEM itself and are basically the same thing as far as an end-user is concerned.)

Move to 32-bit

If GEM were moved to a 32-bit environment (for example, DJGPP with GO32), applications could use the whole of a machine's memory instead of the 640Kb DOS (and therefore GEM) is currently restricted to.

Add support for 256 or greater colours

This might be a problem as GEM currently uses four bits to describe colours in most objects.  ViewMAX and John's AES support colour categories which might be one possible way around this.

Add multimedia support

This does not technically involve the GDOS, but it would involve the AES.

Desktop wishlist

Move to Pacific / DJGPP

This would mean GEM could be compiled completely under one programming environment.

Move drive icons back on the desktop

This functionality was removed after the Apple lawsuit, but has not been reimplemented yet.  Currently the trashcan has been reimplemented, but it appears in the Disk Drives: window as opposed to on the Desktop.

Include Panther's program groups

This would provide a more useful interface to GEM on modern computers with large directory structures.  It has been partially implemented, in the form of 'Shortcuts' - icons that appear at the 'Disk Drives:' view that represent frequently-used directories and filetypes on the Desktop.


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