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Development Information


At the moment the following documentation for developers is available.   Some of this may also be of interest to more technically minded users.

GEM Developers' Web Page

The GEM Developers' Web Page which used to be a part of the Unofficial CP/M Web Site has now moved to

Build information

GEM currently builds using the High-C compiler from MetaWare, along with Digital Research's RASM86 and LINK86 tools. Some portions (the drivers mainly) build with Lattice C.   These programs are all available in the Build Tools archive on the download page.  Each component of GEM is available in its own archive, as well as the main source tree.  There should be a batch file to control the build process in each archive - these rely on the correct tools being available either in the source directory (not a good idea) or in the PATH.   As far as I know, the following components can currently be built straight from the archive:

  • The AES (GEM.EXE);
  • The Desktop (DESKTOP.APP);
  • Output (OUTPUT.APP);
  • The Resource Editor (RCS.APP);
  • The standard Desk Accessories - Calculator, Clock, and Print Spooler (CALCLOCK.ACC);
  • Desktop icons (DESKLO.ICN, DESKHI.ICN);
  • Screen drivers.

I'm not sure about the following components, but some definitely will not build without some work:

  • Printer drivers;
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