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Unofficial CP/M Web site

The Unofficial CP/M Web site is a Caldera-authorised site for all of Digital Research's old software, including GEM applications.  Unfortunately the maintainer had to bring the site offline recently, but Gene Buckle has a mirror available at    The GEM downloads can be found at while a GEM developers page is located at

Please note that these pages are plain HTML, as were the originals.   I've included a version of these pages dressed up in the same livery as this site in the Downloads section.

John Elliott's GEM pages

Johh Elliott has a collection of pages on older computers and operating systems, including a section on GEM and ViewMAX.  Check it out at or his home page at

ShaneLand OpenGEM

Shane Coughlan runs his ShaneLand site at, where his OpenGEM distribution can be found.

Dylan Harris's GEM pages

Dylan Harris has some GEM downloads and documentation at his site,, including a set of routines to simplify GEM programming and a kit by Digital Research to help port GEM to other architecures.

Robert Avis's GEM Development and Promotion pages

Robert Avis has some pages on, including downloads of various GEM versions and some documentation.

Digital Research's GEM

This page has some information on GEM and its history, as well as some application descriptions and downloads.  It can be found at

The Mouse Nest

Eathan Clark's home page is at    It contains some FreeGEM code, including the FreeGEM VDI and GEM/XM.

MAD - My Atari Derived Library

A library which provides GEM functions under X11 can be found at

Heinz Rath's GEM software

Heinz has a working version of ViewMAX/3, a VESA-compatible 800x600x16 screen driver, a simple web browser for FreeGEM and a verrsion of FreeDOS customised to integrate with FreeGEM.  His site is at

Chris Barnes' GEM pages

Chris Barnes has a page with various pieces of documentation and software for GEM - it can be found at

Links to current FreeGEM components

A new page on this site contains links to the current revisions of FreeGEM components.   It can be found at

The BlueGEM project

The BlueGEM project has a web site at

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