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GEM World: Developer's Page

This page is an adaptation of the original, which used to be on Tim Olmstead's Unofficial CP/M Archive.  Since Tim had to bring the site down, Gene Buckle mirrored the archive to   My changes were basically just formatting and some annotations in [square brackets].  I also added a contents list at the top. If you don't like this format, just visit the originals for plain HTML.  -- Ben A L Jemmett, 19991031.


About the page and mailing list

Since GEM has been released to the public under the GPL (GNU Public License), there has been quite a bit of interest in working with the source code, and seeing what can be done with it. This page is dedicated to that effort. If you are interested in participating in this effort, the first thing you should do is to join the GEM Developers' Mailing List. Go here to subscribe. [or here if you want :)] Click on "promote" to subscribe to the mailing list. This will let you keep up with what's going on, and find how you can help.

Misc. GEM Support

Turbo Pascal Bindings: 30K Turbo Pascal bindings for GEM.

Compile Screen Drivers: 1K The attached batch file may allow you to compile the screendrivers that are designed to be built on Lattice v2.14 with Lattice C 3.2. This batch file should work on any of the screendrivers if the right filenames are fed to it and might work on printer drivers etc.

GEM Documentation

GEM PROGRAMMERS GUIDE Volume 1: VDI: 76K Here is the VDI manual in plain ASCII format.

GEM PROGRAMMERS GUIDE Volume 2: AES: 72K Here is the second half of the GEM Programmers Guide, also in ASCII format.

Links to other GEM sites

The GEM Installer site: - go to the PC/GEM page.

Deltasoft: Another GEM site. [You're reading part of it right now! ;-)]

Robert Avis's GEM site. Robert has been working on a GEM install utility. Check it out here.

John Elliott's GEM Site has some applications and source code.

Ben A L Jemmett's Desktop Site: This site has some [rather outdated...  *blush*] experimental desktop code. Includes screen shots. He has a mirror site here.

The GEM Programmers' Workbench This site is the home of the author of the GEM Programmers' Workbench. There is some documentation for this package on-line here.

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This page is Šopyright Ben A L Jemmett 1999 - 2000.